Suture Suspension Lift

Suture Suspension Lift (SSL) is, in its simplest terms, a procedure that lifts loose skin or flabby soft tissue.

Traditional lifts required a surgeon to make large, dramatic incisions in order to create results. With Suture Suspension however, small incisions combine with long internal sutures to contour and shape the face and body without resorting to invasive and complex surgery.
The Reynolds-Serdev Techique lifts the deep movable subcutaneous tissue by anchoring it to non-movable tissue (fascia, periosteum, bone). Employing this technique results in a more natural and youthful appearance. The Reynolds-Serdev technique is ideal for lifting the face, neck, eyebrow, breast, buttocks, and abdomen. The technique was mastered and taught by Dr. Nikolay P. Serdev, MD, PhD., of Sophia, Bulgaria who in tern trained and bestowed upon Dr. Reynolds the title of "Master Trainer" -- the only certified "Master" in the United States--who has later gone on to refine and enhance the technique and equipment used.
This technique is significantly better than typical forms of lifting which are superficial and generally do not last nearly as long. These lifts go by the names of "Curl Lift", "Coffee Break Lift", "Contour Thread Lift", "Feather Lift", etc. These approaches appear similar but simply do not compare to the results of the Reynolds-Serdev Technique.
Why should someone consider Suture Suspension?
  1. It restores the area of concern back to original beauty.
  2. It is done without scars (only puncture wounds)
  3. It requires NO downtime, as it is done without general anesthesia (only local)
  4. It's totally reversible
Who is a potential candidate (and who is not)?
Face lifts - Potential candidates are of any age range who has loose skin. However, patients under anti-coagulants, with extreme wrinkles who would require a classic surgical procedure. Those conclusions are made on a case-by-case basis, and would require consultation. 80% of patients who go under the knife for classic facelifts are candidates for suture suspension.
  • Buttocks lifts - Everyone between 16 - 74 years of age are the best candidates.
  • Breast lifts - Those who have suitable breast tissue. Those who do not have volume will have to consider classic implant surgery first.
  • Eyebrow lifts - Everyone between 16 - 74 years of age are the best candidates.
  • Chin lifts - Everyone between 16 - 74 years of age are the best candidates.
  • Nose tip refinement - Everyone is a candidate.
  • Nose Angle refinement (wide nose) - Everyone is a candidate.
  • Ear refinements - Everyone is a candidate.
On occasion, other procedures (fillers) are necessary to recreate volume.
Can the procedure be performed in an office setting?
The procedure is ideally done in an office setting where you have a non-threatening environment, sterility, of lower profile, and significantly lowered risk of infection. And as a big bonus, Dr. Reynolds is Board certified in emergency medicine. Hospitals are for sick people!
Will there be significant blood loss?
There is NO significant blood loss involved in any variation of suture suspension.
How soon can I return to normal activities?
Same day or next day!
How will my skin look after surgery?
Beautiful. You will see immediate results following surgery.
Are there any scars as a result of the procedure?
There are no scars.
Will there be bruising?
There will be very minimal bruising and swelling can occur.
Will I require general anesthesia and or I.V. sedation?
What side-effects may occur?
Possible (though unlikely) complications include infection, breaking sutures, temporary/permanent nerve damage, hematomas, and keloids.